THEMATIKOS x ARITHMOS Collaboration interview

We have teamed up with Melbourne based Mother and Son duo THEMATIKOS to transform our SOOTHE superfine body oil into a candle scented with a quality blend of ethically sourced essential oils and balanced fragrances.
Our mutual respect for quality product and fragrances has very much underpinned and guided both our collaboration and the creation of our limited edition SOOTHE aromatherapy candles. I had the pleasure to interview Con Pana who is one of the founders of THEMATIKOS.


1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Con and I am one half of THEMATIKOS - the Melbourne based Mother and Son duo specialising in fragrance and home décor. Nicole (Mum) and I launched THEMATIKOS in September 2020 - right in the middle of Melbourne's infamous Covid-19 lockdown.

Outside of the brand, I am a lawyer by day and spend the majority of whatever time I have left with my family, friends or exercising - it's really important to strike the right balance.

THEMATIKOS X ARITHMOS collaboration candle mother and son duo

2. Where did the idea of creating a candle brand come from?

Looking back, I've always been really fond of and intrigued by the sense of smell.

What I find interesting is the sense's ability to, with one smell, take us back to particular memories or moments in time. This actually first happened to me on a walk around the block when I was about 13 years old. As I walked past someone's front yard, the scent from a particular plant instantly transported me back to our family holiday in Fiji from years before. I couldn't get my head around the fact that a smell from a plant here in a Melbourne suburb, miles away from Fiji, had the ability to literally take me back to the resort - it was like I was there again.

This powerful nostalgia is what inspired us to create THEMATIKOS. The word, THEMATIKOS is a variation of the Greek for 'thematic'. I think it perfectly captures what we have set out to do - create fragrances that are tied to deeper themes, notions and ideas. Ones that are powerful enough to trigger happy moments and memories for all.

THEMATIKOS X ARITHMOS Collaboration candle Made in Melbourne

3. What’s unique about TheMatikos candles?

Apart from tying our brand, scents and ideas to deeper, more meaningful themes and pulling on those nostalgic threads, I think for us, the fact that Mum and I have created the brand together and work so closely in formulating our scents, provides a really unique touch. We each bring our own really unique experiences to the process and the end result becomes a distinct, special and irreproducible blend of both of our experiences.

4. Where did you get the inspiration in creating each candle?

For me personally, in the everyday (I promise I haven't given you a vague answer on purpose here either).

Seriously, for me, day to day life and how it differs across various cultures is a huge source of inspiration. I think the trick though, is to look beyond the mundane day to day routines we have created for ourselves and boxed ourselves into. To be inspired, you have to look deeper into what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I think our NEGRONI candle is a perfect example of this. Whilst the accord is of course, reminiscent of the ruby red blood orange cocktail itself, it was actually inspired by Italy's amazing Aperitivo culture - something I'm really fond of. It's more about friends getting together after work to spend quality time, rather than the actual drink itself.

THEMATIKOS X ARITHMOS Collaboration candle aromatherapy

5. What is it like working with your mother in the business?

I have to say, it's really cool to get to experience and share all of this with Mum!

Nicole has always been so so creative and to see her use these skills everyday is something I'm really proud to watch and be apart of.

Don't get me wrong, we drive each other crazy - but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

6. What’s the highlight of The Matikos so far?

For me, it's having worked, grown and collaborated with so many talented people and brands since we launched.

I think our collaboration is a perfect example - it's really refreshing to meet and work with so many creative people with wonderful ideas outlooks and being able to bring them to life is really rewarding.

THEMATIKOS X ARITHMOS Collaboration aromatherapy candle made in Melbourne


7. What’s your skincare routine?

Look, if you asked me this a year ago, you would not have been very impressed with my answer (literally a bar of soap in the shower). But now (thanks to some persistence from someone) I can now say I use a cleanser and a SPF moisturiser daily.

8. What’s next for the business?

We have actually just launched our REED DIFFUSERS which are now available online.

In terms of our future plans, in a perfect world, a Europe trip would be on the cards now to continue to curate and grow our brand's partnerships. Covid of course, has very different plans and has taught us the importance of being adaptable.

It's always really important to think ahead and we have a few new and exciting products that are also in the works that you will get to see really soon!