Seasonal Ingredients, Blended by Hand

Exceptional skincare starts with the finest ingredients. We harness the power of naturally produced phytonutrients in their raw form—because Mother Nature knows best. Michelle works with trusted suppliers to source ingredients from their origin, which are then harvested at their peak to retain quality, then hand-blended with the utmost care to boost product efficacy. Our goal is to bottle our ingredients at maximum freshness so you can reap the best benefits, from plant to skin.

Formulated with Precision

Our exacting formulas are hand-blended and produced in micro-batches to ensure you’re getting the freshest product possible, not a bottle that’s been sitting on a shelf for months. Every Arithmos product is created with a custom ingredient equation: optimal concentrations of every ingredient work synergistically to deliver 100% nutrient efficacy—without any synthetic ingredients. This is the power of botanicals, bottled.

Potent Skincare

We truly put every ingredient we select to the test—from rigorous selection criteria to a stringent quality control process. Our products are formulated with plant-based oils, selected for their unique skin-loving benefits. When blended at peak freshness, our botanical oil blends soften and moisturise skin while improving and strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier. With continued daily use, skin is soft, supple and moisturised, radiating with a healthy, youthful glow.

Skincare for the Mind, Body and Soul

At Arithmos, we believe skincare should be a self-care ritual. Beyond skin benefits you can see and feel, our multi-purpose botanical oil blends help refresh the mind, indulge the body and uplift the spirit with mood-enhancing scents and a lush, yet superfine texture. Enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home when you massage your choice of botanical oil blend into your body. You can use it to tame frizzy hair or flyaways, soften cuticles and even apply a dab on pulse points when you need a perk-me-up during the day.