Body Care for your mind, body and soul

What makes our Superfine body Oils so special and unique? Not only we use fresh, natural and organic botanical oils to feed and nurture the skin but the essential oils from the Superfine Body Oils also provide mood-enhancing aromatherapy benefits. So what exactly is aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes. It is considered an ancient yet timely modern approach to total wellbeing in tune with nature. 

The fact that our sense of smell is linked to the deep emotion and memory centre in the brain makes aromatherapy a very powerful instrument for emotional healing, mood enhancement, and stress reduction.

The brain registers aroma twice as fast as it does pain. This is why the inhalation of aromas can powerfully transform the emotions.

Turn your skincare routine into a relaxing self-care ritual by taking the time to be present, enjoying the textures and breathing in the botanical aromas.

Take a look at the skin and mood benefits for each of our Superfine Body Oil:

UPLIFT Superfine Body Oil

UPLIFT lends a floral scent that is exotic, rich and invigorating. It is perfect to use if you are feeling a bit down and need a boost of energy. The uplifting aroma can help invigorate your senses and give you a boost for the day ahead. 

Arithmos_Body Oil_Aromatherapy_UPLIFT_skincare_bodycare_Selfcare_microbatch

SOOTHE Superfine Body Oil

SOOTHE aroma is fresh, sumptuous, sophisticated and delicate. It is perfect to use if you are feeling tired, negative or need some rest. The calming aroma can also help relax, restore, and comfort the mind.

Arithmos_SOOTHE_Aromatherapy Benefits_Skin barrier_nurture Skin_best body oils_organic bodycare

DE-STRESS Superfine Body Oil

DE-STRESS aroma is deep, woody, and earthy.  It is perfect to use if you are feeling anxious, stressed or have trouble sleeping. The woody aroma help promote a sense of calm, mental clarity, relieving anxiety and tension.

Arithmos_DESTRESS_Aromatherapy Benefits_Skin barrier_nurture Skin_best body oils_organic bodycare