Meet the Arithmos brand-founder Michelle Wang! When she's not busy working on Arithmos or working in corporate, Michelle is hanging out with her family and friends or researching her next travel destination. We asked her a few questions about all things beauty, travel and starting a business.
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I need a coffee every morning to start my day. I’m someone who can’t sit still, love a good laugh, always thinking where I should travel next and never say no to a glass of champagne.
What is your favourite part about the Arithmos brand?
My favourite part about Arithmos brand is providing body care products that are unique and special in the market. The ingredients are seasonally sourced with 98.9% organic certified, micro-batch to maintain its freshness, multi-purpose oils not only can be used for the body, but also hair and aromatherapy benefits to enhance mood.
What is your favourite body oil aroma and why?
It’s hard to pick my favourite as each product provides different skin and mood benefits. I like to use UPLIFT in the morning after the shower as it gives me that “lift me up” I need in the morning to get me going. I use DE-STRESS when I feel like I’m a bit under the weather and SOOTHE to unwind the day.
What has been the most rewarding part of starting your business, and the most challenging?
The most rewarding part of starting my business is people love using your products and come back for more. It’s a great feeling!
The most challenging is to start the business whilst working full time in a corporate and caring for 2 young kids. I felt like 24 hours a day was never enough.
What are three beauty products you can’t live without?
All purpose balm. Eye shadow and mascara.
What does your night-time beauty routine look like?
I make pretty much all the skincare and body care that I use at home. I would put on Arithmos body oil after shower or bath for my body. I clean my face with face cleansing oil to remove impurities that build up throughout the day. Rose hydrosol as toner, face cream to replenish hydration and seal all the hydration in with the face oil.

Where is your ultimate travel destination and why?
Bhutan. Bhutan is tucked in the Himalaya Mountains and accessible only by special configured airplanes. The country has virtually no environmental damage due to its long isolation. It is a land with the most stunning landscape, cleanest air, and the happiest people in the world.
What learnings will you be taking away from this year and bringing into the new year 2021?
2020 has forced me to relax (due to COVID) and focus more on the family. I can see how much my relationship with my kids have grown in this year and know them so much better. It’s an amazing feeling! Sometimes I forget they are only little and they do need me at this stage of their life every step of the way.
What career advice would you give your younger self?
Find your passion. Pay more attention to your own self to explore your real interest and passion.
What beauty advice would you give your younger self?
Sunscreen is a must everyday!