The Arithmos Story

Arithmos Skin was founded by Michelle Wang in Melbourne, Australia. Developed in 2019, and launched in late 2020, its inception was driven by her concern for her young daughter’s skin condition—a dry and itchy affliction where she was constantly scratching—circa 2018.

“I tried so many products but nothing worked… The amount of different products I was applying to her skin was worrying as a parent,” Michelle recalls. “My knowledge of ingredients in these products was limited and I found the product labels very complicated, so I decided to take matters into my own hands,” she adds.

Plunging headlong into extensive research about the benefits of botanical oils, Michelle also began attending workshops to make her own organic skincare products. The result birthed a product that both relieved her daughter’s skin problems and also returned her young skin to a healthy, supple state. This ignited Michelle’s passion for creating effective, natural skincare.

Inspired to go even further, Michelle went back to being a student and enrolled in a skincare formulation course, juggling her studies alongside her successful career as an accountant in the banking industry. She is now a qualified Cosmetic Chemist.

“Arithmos was born from my desire to create simple, natural skincare with seasonal ingredients that is highly effective and powerful” says Michelle.


Arithmos is the Greek word for ‘numbers’, a nod to Michelle’s profession. Each freshly formulated bottle has been meticulously hand-blended with precision and attention to detail—the same strict standard she holds herself to in her day job as an accountant.

The high quality, natural ingredients in each Arithmos product are carefully selected for their skin-loving properties, giving your skin what it needs to be in an optimally healthy state. Our products contain no parabens, emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances, thickeners, synthetic preservatives, nuts, mineral or palm oils. They are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and are only tested on Michelle’s family and friends.

“An important part of the Arithmos philosophy is to empower consumers by being completely transparent about the ingredients in the bottle and their benefits. By doing so, we are creating an intrinsic experience for them—by educating them about what these individual ingredients can do for their skin,” explains Michelle.