Sustainability - Our Sandalwood Oils come from Dutjahn Indigenous Native Title Land

Transparency is at the heart of Arithmos. All of Arithmos’ products are hand-blended here in Melbourne, using only the highest quality seasonal, plant-based oils sourced from around the globe.

We are very proud that our sandalwood oils in De-Stress Superfine Body Oil come from the Dutjahn indigenous native title land in Western Australia.

"Dutjahn (Australian sandalwood) is more than a sacred plant to the Martu and Wongi Nations, it is part of our soul and a key link to our spiritual identity"

- Darren Farmer, Chairman of Dutjahn Custodians

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils is a Western Australian based sandalwood oil distillation company backed by Dutjahn Custodians, Kutkabbuba Aboriginal Corporation and the founders of WA Sandalwood Plantations.

A company built on mutual respect and ethics, they are 50% Indigenous-owned and make unique essential oils by fusing Indigenous harvested wild wood from native title lands with sustainably managed plantation wood.

Dutjahn is a UN Equator Prize and two-time Australian Exporter Award winning company, they supply many of the world’s largest fragrance companies and some of the most prestigious cosmetics companies with over 60% of their product exported.


The ancient Dutjahn (sandalwood) forests of the Central Desert have some of the highest quality oil in the world.

For more then 60,000 years, Western Desert Aboriginal people recognised the pungent potency of this desert timber and used to smoke their bodies in sandalwood for sacred rituals and as a means of calming mind and body prior to periods of stress such as long journeys.

Deep in the remote lands of Australia’s Central (Gibson) Desert the Martu people (Muntiljarra) have developed traditional methods for releasing the volatile oils from sandalwood for uses, including: - Medicinal purposes including healing (anti-inflammatory) and aromatherapy (relaxation) - Smoking and cultural ceremonies - Spiritual practices to keep the rain away.


Indigenous Ownership / Certification

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils, as a 50% Indigenous owned company, will reinvigorate Indigenous Certification that was formerly pioneered in Western Australia. Profits from the oil distillation business will generate much needed work and funding to remote communities and will allow them to invest in community projects which will generate employment. A new and improved Indigenous Certification Standard is being developed by Native Title Holders. The focus going forward is to show improved outcomes of Indigenous equity in the sandalwood supply chain.