Meet Wunmi from The Waxory

Wunmi is the founder of The Waxory, an aesthetic candle brand based in London. The Waxory offers a variety of highly scented wax melts and unique, on trend décor candles - made with natural soy wax. This Mother's Day, Arithmos Skin has joined forces with The Waxory to bring you a beautiful bespoke natural soy-wax candle in our signature green.


How did you start The Waxory?

The Waxory began in October 2020 during lockdown. Earlier in the year due to the pandemic I was unable to return to work post maternity leave. This was the perfect time for me to get creative and start the small business I had always wanted. I decided make the most of the opportunity and combined my for home decor and candles to start The Waxory.


When making your products, what considerations you have taken to ensure minimal impact to the environment?

All of The Waxory's products are wrapped and sent in biodegradable or recyclable materials as I am also keen on creating an eco-conscious brand.


What’s your favourite part about The Waxory?

My favourite part of what I do is creating different shapes and colours. The best thing is seeing what I’ve made in someone else’s home – it really does make me smile! My ultimate goal is to create candles in shapes and sizes that are completely unique and designed by me! I’ve recently successfully launched my very first design – The Giant Cube and it’s been loved by many!

I am overjoyed I started this when I did and it’s a pleasure to be able to spend my days doing what I love, especially knowing it’s also loved by others all over the world – some days I can’t quite believe it!


Who's the most influential person in your life?

My family, partner and close friends have great influence in my life. I couldn’t possibly pick one person! Everyone plays their own special part and influences me in many different ways. 

To name a few, my older sister Bose is amazing. Bose also runs a small business alongside her full time HR Career. She is a great goal-setter and has inspired me to set high goals for myself and work hard to reach them. Bose always encourages me to keep going and keep positive. I also have an amazing friend Chrissy Bales who started her business while we were in University. The growth and success of her business has been truly inspiring.