Cancer Chicks x Arithmos Superfine Body Oil making workshop

It was a pleasure to be part of the Cancer Chick Retreat 2023 which was taken place on the 18-19 February 2023. I hosted a body oil making workshop with the girls at the retreat.

I arrived at the retreat on the 18th at an amazing property in Berrilee which is just near Berowra Waters. It's about an hour from Sydney.

Arithmos Cancer Chicks body oil making workshop aromatherapy 2023 retreat

At the beginning of the workshop, each of the girl selected their favourite body oil out of the Arithmos Superfine Body Oil range (Uplift, Soothe, De-Stress) .

Arithmos Cancer Chicks Charity Body Oil workshop aromatherapy best body oil best australian skincare bodycare

I then explained the benefits of each ingredient of their selected Superfine Body Oil. It is an important part of the Arithmos philosophy is to be completely transparent about the ingredients in the bottle and their benefits. By doing so, I want to create an intrinsic experience for them— by educating them about what these individual ingredients can do for their skin, body and mind.

 Arithmos Cancer Chicks Superfine Body Oil best Australian Skincare Bodycare Award winning aromatherapy

Arithmos Cancer Chicks Superfine Body Oil Best Australian Bodycare Skincare Body Oil making workshop body mind soul

It was so great to see the girls were having a lot of fun blending the ingredients together and to also learned about their skin and aromatherapy benefits. They took home the Superfine Body Oil they’ve made from the workshop so they can enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of their home after the retreat 🤍

Arithmos Superfine Body Oil best Australian Skincare bodycare Cancer Chicks aromatherpy

 Arithmos Superfine Body Oil Cancer Chicks partnership Australian Skincare Body Oil Awarding winning Body Oil making workshop